CSR Racing hack CSR Classics Hack

U need just iFile.
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How To Get Free Gas In CSR Racing - HACK!

how to get free gas in car racing iphone! free coins/gold— http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EgvpMR6vPc record screen- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzyqBr_…
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22 comments on “CSR Racing hack CSR Classics Hack
  1. fsxdog567 says:

    its still not working? does it work for ios7

  2. ipodtouchacker says:

    around there ya

  3. Alex Messer says:

    So you live in Dallas too?

  4. iziah filipescu says:

    Dude thanks for showing me that hack

  5. TheTransportDude says:

    Loool check out my account in SSR I am matthew387 :)

  6. ipodtouchacker says:

    made almost 1 1/2 years ago. prob 3 days after it came out.

  7. T E R O V A X says:

    Man you’re such a noob almost 90% of us know already. Please you still in
    tier 2??? haha dafuqq

  8. shawshank dhakal says:

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  9. GoPackers212 says:

    If you do this your gas will never load again if you go back to the actual
    date and time. You have to set it back to the date and time you last had it
    on when you last played the game. I did this and it just makes it harder. I
    wouldn’t suggest it

  10. Jakelegofilms says:

    Thanks awesome glitch 😀

  11. anton häggman says:

    thx soooo much! :)

  12. KatoBDK says:

    This is great, works on android too!

  13. 2pac4life275 says:


  14. Christian Calonge says:

    Very clever, but thanks bro

  15. Phillip Nguyen says:


  16. BitiiteBrauns says:

    Big tnx man,works a s a charm! Appriciate!

  17. Krush1989 says:


  18. MotherTruckerBook says:


  19. M4st3rB4ss3r says:

    Ya thats cool and all and it works but every time you need gas you have to
    change the date…it gets kinda annoying cuz you dont earn gas unless the
    dates all fucked up which will mess up ical

  20. ipodtouchacker says:


  21. barretero79 says:

    Not cool man

  22. danx033 says: